What’s included:

  • Perfectly chosen time, location and camera angles
  • Winter Baikal photography tips and techniques from a professional photographer
  • Beautiful buryat girls in traditional clothing, horseback riders and a shaman to add a story to your pictures

The tour producer

World-class photographer
from the Baikal’s shores
Alexey Trofimov


Original winter Baikal photo tour with world-class photographer Alexey Trofimov

from 190 000 rubles
for the whole tour per person
when a group of 4 people

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This tour is designed for those who love to shoot unique photos.
We make sure you get the best results.

Photography technique and tips

During the tour you will get professional support and tips on photography technique. You will also have tour leader’s full support during the preparation stage.

The best locations

Based on tour leader’s many years of experience photographing winter Baikal we picked the best locations, shooting schedule and perspectives. That would ensure high quality and uniqueness of our pictures.

Special options

To make your pictures more creative there’s an option to shoot with photo models dressed as characters of local ethnos:

  • beautiful buryat girls wearing traditional costumes and handmade adornments;
  • rugged horseback riders wearing fur clothing, looking just like nomads from Pribaikalie heaths;
  • buryat shaman with distinctive shaman gear for carrying out mystical rites

World-class photographer

The tour leader is a photographer well known in Russia and outside the country. His name is Alexey Trofimov and he was born and raised on the Baikal’s shores. He will be happy to share his photography experience with you. This page contains some of his photos.

Photographer Alexey Trofimov
Award-winning picture from 2012
Award-winning picture from 2013
Award-winning picture from 2014
Award-winning picture from 2015
Award-winning picture from 2015
Award-winning picture from 2015
Getting to know Baikal

Early departure from Irkutsk towards Olkhon (the whole trip takes 6 hours, rest stops included).
Breakfast at a buryat diner in the town of Ust-Ordynsky
Traditional buryat ritual of pleasing the spirits of Baikal – “Burhanka”.
A rest stop by “Orel” stela in Tazheranskaya heath.
Lunch at the “Tazherany” diner, getting to know traditional buryat cuisine.
Accommodation at the “Veter stranstviy” resort on the “Maloe more” strait, free time.
Drive to Tog natural landmark, Tazheranskaya heath to take pictures at sunset.
Getting back to “Veter stranstviy” resort, dinner.
Briefing about ice safety. Free time.

The day of Baikal's authenticity

Early breakfast at the “Veter stranstviy” resort.
Drive from “Veter stranstviy” to “Uyuga” resort. A stop at Ulirba cape. Taking pictures of a horse rider wearing traditional costume from the vantage point of the cape.
Shooting a panorama of the Maloe more strait and Olkhon’s gates.
Accommodation at the “Uyuga” resort: rooms with 2 beds, each room has a bathroom.
Shooting buryat girls in traditional costumes on the ice and on the shore of the lake. Taking pictures at sunset. Shaman with a drum carrying out a ritual by the fire.
Getting back to “Uyuga” resort, dinner, free time.
Optional night time shooting on the ice of Hagdan-Dalai bay.

Cape “Uyuga” – Khuzhir

Early breakfast at “Uyuga” resort.
Safety briefing.
Drive to “Drakon” cliff on “Ogoy” island to shoot at sunrise. Drive to shoot frozen waves near “Oltrek” island.
Getting back to “Uyuga” resort, lunch.
Drive to Khuzhir. Accommodation at Nikita Bencharov’s Homestead.
Evening shooting at the “Burhan” cape.
Optional 1.5km hiking trip to Malomorsky fish factory.

Khuzhir settlement – Uzury settlement

Eary breakfast at Nikita Bencharov’s homestead. Morning shooting at the “Burhan” cape.
Shooting on ice, hiking to Malomorsky fish factory.
Getting back to Nikita Bencharov’s homestead, lunch, free time.
Drive to Uzury settlement. Shooting at cape “Haralday”.
Drive to cape “Sasa”. Shooting at the Peschanoe area. Going for a drive on ice near cape “Sasa”.
Shooting frozen waves near cape “Sagan-Hushun”.
Drive to the Olkhon’s northernmost cape - “Hoboy”.
Shooting at cape “Hoboy”.
Drive to Uzury settlement. Accommodation at guest houses. Optional night time shooting in bay “Haga-Yaman”.

Uzury settlement – Khuzhir settlement

Early breakfast at the guest houses in Uzury. Morning shooting in bay “Haga-Yaman”. Going on trek to bay “Ulhun” and bay “Amtarhaysky”. Getting back to Uzury, lunch at the guest houses.
Drive to photograph the ice in Hoboy area.
Drive to Nikita Bencharov’s Homestead, dinner, free time.

Khuzhir settlement – Irkutsk city

Drive to shoot at sunrise in the Ogoy island area.
Breakfast on the way (packed meals). Crossing the lake to the mainland. Group shooting near «Baikalsky brodyaga” monument. Transfer from Sahyurta village to Irkutsk city. Lunch at buryat diner “Brigantina” located in Petrovo settlement.
Dinner in Irkutsk at a restaurant called “Misha”.
Departure from Irkutsk airport.

from 190 000 rubles
for the whole tour per person
when a group of 4 people

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