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Day 1 - First meeting with the Baikal

Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk

Welcome to lake Baikal!

In the morning we will meet you at the airport terminal, and, after baggage claim, you will take places in the bus and go directly to the shore of lake Baikal. On the way we will make a stop at the supermarket so that you can buy what you need for the trip.

Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka (a small city on the shore of the Baikal) will take about 1 hour.

The list of recommended flights for arrival to Irkutsk from Moscow is at the bottom of the program.

Acquaintance with the Baikal in Listvyanka

Having made all the preparations, we will go to Listvyanka. Here we will visit the most iconic places that help to dive into the atmosphere of lake Baikal, adjust to its wave for effective shooting while exploring its beauty:

- Baikal Limnological Museum with a rich exposition devoted to the history,flora and fauna of lake Baikal (about 1.5 hours).

- Nerpinary (Baikal seal aquarium), where we will see a show with the participation of the Baikal seal – one of the most valuable objects of shooting on lake Baikal (about 40 minutes).

We’ll have lunch at one of the Listvyanka restaurants.

The start of the cruise

After getting acquainted with Listvyanka, we will accomodate in comfortable cabins of the ship.

The ship “Nikolai Eroshchenko” is one of the best cruise ships on lake Baikal, with a spacious deck, perfect for photo shooting.

After placing and rest in the cabins of the ship, the friendly team will invite you to the welcome dinner. According to local customs, we will take part in the Buryat ritual of cajoling the spirits of lake Baikal – for good weather and a safe journey. Then we’ll have a night moving to Peschanaya Bay.

Day 2 - Peschanaya Bay

One of the most beautiful bays of the Baikal

We will start shooting in Peschanaya Bay early in the morning.

Peschanaya Bay is one of the most beautiful bays of lake Baikal. There is everything that makes an impressive picture of Paradise on the Shore of lake Baikal: white sand, beautiful clean water, pine taiga and mountain landscape.

Peschanaya is very rich in interesting objects for shooting, such as stilted trees that stand on strong roots above the sand, and capes, which offer spectacular views.

A specific daily schedule will be formed on the spot based on the weather situation. Breakfast, lunchanddinnerwillbearrangedontheshiponschedule.

Our ship will make a night movingfrom Peschanaya Bay to the island of Olkhon, to the Maloye More Strait (in English literally “the Small Sea”).

Day 3 - The island of Olkhon and the Maloye More Strait

Places of power, rocky capes and steppe landscapes

After passing the Strait of Olkhon Gate that separates Olkhon from the mainland, we will go to the uninhabited island of Ogoy, where we will shoot the dawn.

Here is a Buddhist Stupa of the goddess of Enlightenment, where modern storage media (books, CDs, etc.) have been placed as a message to the descendants. Thanks to the good position, the island offers a beautiful view of the Strait of Maloye more and the island of Olkhon.

The cruise on the Maloye More strait

In continuation of our cruise on Maloye More, we will take a course to the Northern part of the island of Olkhon.

Maloye More is the largest and one of the warmest among Baikal straits. It is bordered by the high Primorski Range with taiga slopeson the one side, and by the island of Olkhon and its steppe and pine shoreson the other side.

Acquaintance with the culture of the Baikal people

Not far from the main village of Olkhon, Khuzhir, we will visit the ethno-museum "Buryat village". Hospitable Buryat hosts will introduce us to local customs, show their estate, where the original atmosphere of living of the prosperous Buryat is recreated, and offer a traditional Buryat lunch.

Shamanic Shrine

For impressive shots of the sunset we will go to the main shamanic Shrine of lake Baikal – to Shamanka rock at BurkhanCape.

BurkhanCape is considered the main shamanic Shrine of the Baikal and a place of power. Every year there are congresses of the shaman community asthe Buryats believe in the special importance of this place. Even the shape of Shamanka rock(the extreme point of the Cape) suggests the idea of its mystical nature.

After visiting Olkhon, our ship will go in the direction of the Ushkan Islands.

Day 4 - The Ushkan Islands and Chivirkuysky Gulf

The rookery of the Baikal seal (nerpa)

In the morning our ship will dock at the protected shores of the Ushkany archipelago.

The Ushkany Archipelago is a protected area and a favorite place of rest for the seal. One of the main questions for scientists,who study the fauna of lake Baikal, is how the seal appeared in lake Baikal, which is thousands of kilometers away from the nearest seas and oceans.

Here we will walk along the trail to the place of shooting of seals from a special cover, accompanied by a scientific worker of the Baikal National Park. The seal is quite timid, that's why working with it requires special care.

The warmest gulf of the Baikal

After visiting the Ushkan Islands, we will move to ChivyrkuyskyGulf. It is famous for its beautiful scenery, warm water and enormous pikes. Therefore, those who are interested in fishing, spearfishing or underwater shooting can take advantage of visiting Chivyrkuysky Gulf.

We will choose the Peninsula of St. Nose as an object for sunset shooting.

Day 5 - The Baikal Range

Along the Baikal Range

At night our ship will move to the west coast of lake Baikal, to the foot of the majestic Baikal Range.

The Baikal Range borders the Northern part of lake Baikal from the West. It stretches along the Western shore of lake Baikal almost from its middle to the Northern tip of the lake and then several hundred kilometers to the North.

Today we are going to take part in a master class on landscape photography, and make a stop in the picturesque surroundings of Muzhinay Capefor shooting the sunset.

Day 6 - Kotelnikovsky Cape, the northernmost point of journey.

Recreation at the thermal resort in Northern Baikal

Having reached almost the North of lake Baikal, we will stop at Kotelnikovsky Cape to have a rest in the baths with thermal waters of underground springs before lunch. Rest in the pools, from which you will observe the panorama of Northern Baikal, will be one of the most vivid memories of this trip.

The uniqueness of the thermal mineral waters of the Kotelnikovsky resort is that unlike mineral water from other sources, in the baths of the Kotelnikovsky you can relax unlimitedly.

After rest on the Kotelnikovsky, we will go in the opposite direction, and by the evening we will arrive to Zavorotny Cape.

The object of sunset shooting on this day will be the Baikal Range and the wild taiga coast of Northern Baikal.

Day 7 - The heart of the Baikal

Majestic Khoboy Cape

In the morning we will come to one of the most beautiful places of lake Baikal, the northernmost Cape of Olkhon, called Khoboy. It’s also very interesting, because it’s near the deepest place of the Baikal.

Over the abyss

And then we will go to the deepest point of lake Baikal and hang over the abyss on our ship. Here we will make a symbolic action to celebrate this special moment of our journey.

By the end of the day we will move to the Strait of Olkhon Gate, where we will anchor for the night.

Day 8 - Back to Irkutsk

In the morning we will get off the ship to the shore of the Small Sea, take the bus and go to Irkutsk. After that we are going to have a four-hour trip where we will see a number of landscapes of the Tazheran steppes and the Primorsky Range.

The capital of Eastern Siberia

In Irkutsk you will be invited to accomodate in a good hotel "Zvezda", which is a 5-minute drive from the airport and a 15-minute drive from the city center. As we will have half a day left, we will be happy to show you our wonderful city.

In Irkutsk, we will completeour experience of traveling to the Baikal – we will see the most iconic historical and cultural places of the city:

- the place where the Irkutsk fortress was located;

- the ancient temples of Irkutsk;

- the embankment of the Angara river (the Moscow Gate monument, the monument to the pioneers of Siberia);

- the main street of the city (Karl Marx), where we will visit the monument to Tsar Alexander III;

- beautiful pedestrian district of the recreated Siberian merchant mansions, called "The 130thdistrict".

See you again at the Baikal!

In the evening, we will gather together at a large table, in a hotel restaurant or in one of the restaurants in Irkutsk, and discuss the best moments of this journey.

Route map of your journey

The cost of the tour

The cost of the tour for 1 person

- double or twin rooms on the ship and at the hotel – 3 450 $
- single rooms on the ship and in the hotel – 4 500 $

The price includes:

- accommodation in a double (or twin) comfortable cabin of a large comfortable ship “Nikolai Eroshchenko”;
- three meals a day on the ship;
- support and master classes from one of the best photographers in Russia – Evgeny Domanov;
- transfers: to the place of landing on the ship (Listvyanka, 70 km away from Irkutsk) and from the place of the end of the photo cruise to Irkutsk (the Maloye More Strait, 300 km away from Irkutsk);
- all excursion, cultural and SPA-program, according to the description;
- hotel accommodation in Irkutsk (a comfortable room with twin beds);
- drinking water during transfers;
- registration of permits to visit natural reserves;
- round-the-clock support of the back office (including the possibility of individual leisure during the program).

Dates of the tour:

August 28 - September 5
September 11 - September 19
September 27 – October 5