For partners

Dear partners!

In this section we will try to describe in details the circuit in which our cooperation will have the greatest meaning and the maximum mutual benefit. Same way, we will talk about what can be the object of our partnership, which may be its form, what contribution can do and what we expect from our dear partners.


Our company manufactures its activities for tourist and business programs, directly on Lake Baikal. Therefore, to achieve the desired performance, to a greater extent, we rely on turopereyting, production resource - knowledge of tourism and logistics in our region due to the contractor for the organization of the Baikal programs. Therefore, to be completely happy, we need the flow of applications corresponding to our specialization. Service your requests for tourist and business programs at Lake Baikal - and will be the subject of our partnership with you, dear colleagues.

The desirability of a form of partnership

Form - is how we have to work with you to achieve high performance. In our view, based on the overall success is respect for our temporal resources. In practice, this means that we will succeed if we have to deal with those applications for which is the real intention of the customer and the authority to make a decision. Therefore, the desired form of partnership - is to work with these applications, which are:

  • they come directly from the person making the decision about the trip and have an adequate budget
  • are not competitive (tender)
  • correspond to the specialization of our company (provided by the customer - a manager, business owner, a serious company has sufficient cash resources)
  • accurately and completely reflect all the explicit and implicit needs and expectations of the customer


The question is, on what contribution from our side you can expect. You can completely rely on the fact that we give a full, comprehensive services, taking care of all the arrangements for the organization of the program. You can count on our commitment and responsibility of the business that will allow you to carry out qualitative business commitments to your customers. You can count on our commitment to provide the most quality service, the choice of the best alternative tourism services that are available at Lake Baikal. In the end, you can count on our responsibility for the satisfaction of the customer service provided.

About what we expect from PARTNERS

We say that we expect a reciprocity in terms of responsibility and business relations to our interaction.


Already there is a specific request for an individual organization or business trip to Lake Baikal level of "comfort" or "premium"? Then just let us know by phone or email. So we will start with you our dear partner, mutually beneficial cooperation.

We will be glad to be useful for you!