Become the first participant in the history of the Ice-golf World Cup on Baikal lake

12 MARCH 2017 - 2020 Ice-golf World Cup qualification at Lake Baikal

On 12 March, 2017 experienced nonprofessional and professional golfers will play ice-golf in a special category to prepare for the 2020 Ice-golf World Cup at Lake Baikal.

Yuri Milvit, President of Golf Federation in Irkutsk region, on the ice of the Maloe More Bay, Lake Baikal. Photographer - Vladimir Medvedev.

It is the 13th annual ICE-golf tournament at Lake Baikal, but only this year nonprofessional golfers will have the opportunity to play with professional golfers in a special category, within the frames of the qualifying round of the 2020 World Cup.

The winner of 12 March 2017 Tournament will receive an automatic berth to the 2020 WORLD ECO ICE GOLF CUP at Lake Baikal.

General consul of Korea in Irkutsk, Mr. Pak Jong Nam. Baikal, Listvyanka.

Developed infrastructure and tourist industry in Irkutsk region became one of the key reasons to choose Lake Baikal as the World Cup location. It was appreciated by many famous guests attracted by the lake, for example actors Steven Seagal and Gerard Depardieu.

The director of films "Titanic" and "Avatar", James Cameron during a diving on the bottom of Lake Baikal in a research deep manned "mir" apparatus on Baikal.

Good news is that the average temperature in late March is about 5 degrees Centigrade, which is comfortable for the participants of the event.

In the photo - a girl in March at ice of Lake Baikal. Photographer - Kristina Makeeva.

To take part in the 2017 ICE-golf tournament at Lake Baikal, please, fill in the application form till 25 February 2017. The maximum number of the tournament participants is 30. To apply, fill in the form on this page or contact us at the number 89027682065 (Pavel).

Why golfers take part in Baikal Tournament?

Firstly, acquiring the technique of playing on unpredictable ice-and-snow terrain helps a golfer to strengthen his psychological and tactical skills. That’s why the experience one gets on the ice golf course will be advantageous on the green golf course as well.

General Consul of the Republic of Korea in Irkutsk Mr. Pak Jong Nam, makes a technically verified kick, adjusted for particular adhesion of ice cover. Next - a special ICE-golf sleigh - a unique local invention. Baikal, Listvyanka. Photographer - Nicholas Tarhanov.

Secondly, the tourist industry is well developed at the tournament location and highly professional partners of the tournament can provide the best service for the most refined guests. The participants will be satisfied with the accommodation, catering and transfer standards that were appreciated by many famous guests attracted by the lake - actors Steven Seagal and Gerard Depardieu, director of «Titanic» and «Avatar» movies, James Cameron.

In Irkutsk there is an international network of hotel Marriott, and a shuttle service to Lake Baikal, and even on the ice of Lake Baikal you can organize by Bentley. Siberia is different now.

But the main reason to participate in BAIKAL ECO ICE GOLF TOURNAMENT is to experience the unique natural environment of the location. The tournament is to be held on the ice surface of the deepest lake in the world in the very heart of Siberia. The golfers who come in advance for training will have an opportunity to play on the amazingly transparent and picturesque ice of the Small sea bay, the one that gets millions of likes in social networks around the world. The air here is pristine clean; the sky is clear and embroidered with billions of stars. The place is also considered to be a powerful source of spiritual energy.

Delight. Here - the most precise formulation of state of mind of our guests at the Lake Baikal.

Tournament Format

The tournament is played using the stroke play scoring system (9-18 holes), with and without handicap calculations. The length of the golf course is 2020 meters; the longest distance to the hole (strike to the Future) is 563 meters. The Tournament Rules are stated by the Charter of BAIKAL ECO ICE GOLF TOURNAMENT (download).

Entrance fee is 1 200 $

Click here to see the program of the 2017 Ice-golf Tournament as well as transfer and accommodation conditions.

Make up your mind. Ahead of World Cup ICE-golf on Lake Baikal.

To register as a participant, fill in the form on this page or contact us at number +7 (902) 768-20-65 (Pavel).


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