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Example of MICE-program in the heart of Lake Baikal

We will see the old Circum-Baikal railway
We were treated to a delicious Baikal omul
We follow tame animals in the Siberian Baikal National Park
Swept across Baikal on a speed boat
Visit the most popular tourist attraction of Lake Baikal - Cape Burhan
We estimate the colorful paintings of the local way of life
We estimate the panorama that opens from the northern cape of Olkhon
I'll meet with a real shaman
Swept across the steppes amazing Tazheranskaya
Assess the merits of capital Priangarye
VISIT Circum-Baikal Railway

Upon arrival, the morning flight to Irkutsk airport operator will meet you and your co-ordinators of the program. Next, we will go straight to the Lake Baikal in Listvyanka that an hour's drive from Irkutsk Airport. Here are accommodated in a hotel and, if necessary, take a break to relax and bring myself up after an overnight flight. After dinner in the hotel restaurant, we take a cruise on a boat along the western shore of Lake Baikal, in the direction of an old architectural monument - the Circum-Baikal railway, where we will organize a walk in an impressive stone tunnels beginning of XX century. Here, on one of the terraces on the banks of the lake, we have a picnic, where were treated to a delicious smoked Baikal omul. Evening activities can be arranged on a flexible scenario. Selection options for the organization of the cultural program in the section "Menu - Desserts" on our website.

Observation of animals in Baikal National Park

Before lunch you have the opportunity to hold any corporate event in one of the conference rooms Listvyanka hotels. After lunch we will go to the observation platform, where will see the widest source of the river in the world - the opposite bank of the Angara and Baikal with its spectacular mountain framing - Khamar-Daban. Next we will go to the territory of Baikal National Park, in one hour's drive from Listvyanka on a dirt forest road. It is home to tame Siberian animals that you can feed and take pictures at close range. Evening activities can be arranged on a flexible scenario. Selection options for the organization of the cultural program in the section "Menu - Desserts" on our website.

Journey to Olkhon

Go on Olkhon can be one of the most convenient way for you. First, by car line on the bus, with ferry to Olkhon by ferry and continued driving, suitable for off-road Olkhonsky (usually UAZ 3909); the total drive time from Listvyanka - up to 7 hours with a stop for lunch. The second way: to go to Olkhon by speed boat shuttle that whisk to Olkhon in a time within 5 hours. In the evening, on arrival at Olkhon we made a trip to the most popular attractions of the lake - cape Burhan - recognized place of power, a point of attraction Siberian shamanism.


Khoboy - the northernmost cape of Olkhon. This is a dirt road, to overcome which is only by the harsh off-road. On the way to the Hoboyu we will see an amazing, very contrasting nature northern Olkhon, closer to the deepest place of Baikal. And as a reward us - amazing panorama opening from the northern cape of Olkhon. On Hoboe we hearty lunch and take part in interactive costumed with Buryat artists and real shaman, who will hold the rite of blessing and love with the spirit of the lake, as well as tell the ancient legend, which he learned from his forefathers.

Return to Irkutsk THROUGH Tazheran

The return trip to Irkutsk we will take the track on the car with a change in the bus immediately after the ferry to Olkhon. Travel time - up to 7 hours, taking into account stops for lunch. On the way we will see spectacular Tazheranskaya steppe with salt lakes, changing fir forests; picturesque villages scattered. Upon arrival in Irkutsk - hotel accommodation and an evening stroll through the capital of the Angara region, which really has something to surprise its guests. Irkutsk is amazing for its ancient churches, monuments of culture and wood, merchant architecture.

In parting, the good old tradition, guests will Baikal souvenirs as gifts symbolizing the value of the Baikal nature and culture.