Journey to the south Baikal

a number of stunning natural and cultural areas of the taiga reserves to mountain valleys

from 175 000 rubles
for the whole tour per person
when a group of 4 people

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Example program «Journey to the south Baikal»

Siberian manual feed animals in the Baikal National Park
We will see the old Circum-Baikal railway
Visit to the Baikal Biosphere Reserve
We go hiking along the rugged mountain rivers Khamar-Daban
We will see the pearl of Siberian taiga - Lake Sobolinoye
Spend the night in this cabin in the taiga station
Swept across the mountain river on aerolodke
Make a safe rafting on the mountain river
Visit the Tunka valley - the territory of Buryatia
Try dishes of national Buryat cuisine
We take a walk on one of the most beautiful cities of Russia beyond the Urals
Arrival in Irkutsk, visiting Listvyanka and Circum-Baikal

Upon arrival at the airport of Irkutsk you will be greeted by our guide and the operator of your trip. This is followed by a transfer to Listvyanka, hotel accommodation and, if you wish, relax. Here, we first go up to the observation deck to observe from the heights the opposite shore of Lake Baikal and the source of the Angara River. The evening will hold a cruise to one of the sections of the old Circum-Baikal Railway, to take a walk on one of Tonel.

Observation of the siberian animal

We will go on quad bikes on the territory of Baikal National Park, where he will meet tame Siberian animals and have a picnic. In the evening, visit the largest solar telescope in Eurasia.

Transition to the ship on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal

In the first few hours, we move closer to the site of the old Circum-Baikal railway and make a landing in one of the tunnels. After lunch - get to p.Tanhoy on the east side of the lake, where starts the trail to the reserved taiga the tops of the Khamar-Daban, where we will spend the night in a safe cabin.

Accommodation in Baikalsk

In the morning we go back to the beginning of the reserved route and go to Baikalsk, and accommodated in a decent level at the foot of Sable, the ski resort.

Rope park overlooking Lake Baikal

In the morning we go to the ski complex "Sobolinaya Mountain" and chair lifts go up to 500 meters above Lake Baikal. Here, after the briefing, we will overcome the obstacle rope park, bungee streaked with stunning panoramic views of the Lake Baikal. And in the evening - go on a picnic on the beach with sand and garnet color flood the bath on the beach.

Journey to the valley Snow

Within an hour's drive from the Baikalsk we reach the mountain river Snow on which aerolodke swept on, driving flocks of wild ducks. At the bend of the two mountain rivers taiga station stop on the "Arrow". Fortified, we will make a small hike along the pristine mountain rivers on a stunningly beautiful trail! In the end - reach mountain lake sable, where a picnic. We can spend the night here, or return to the taiga station and stay the night in winter hut.

Rafting on the mountain river

Our rafting route will run from the station "arrow" to the mouth of the river Snowy, in the place where it flows into the lake. The alloy is safe enough. River Valley snow - very beautiful, and the water - the purest. Having reached the final point of the alloy, arrange a small picnic on the shores of Lake Baikal. Then - back to the hotel in Baikalsk.

Travel Tunkinskaya Valley

Tunkinskaya Valley - a tectonic continuation of the Baikal. Here - an exotic territory of Buryatia, which combines the culture of Buddhism and shamanism. Here for us to choose from a number of events - visit the mineral springs, a simple climb to the mountain top, thermal baths, visiting Mongolian massage, souvenir market, dinner in a cafe with Buryat national cuisine.

Return to Irkutsk

Upon returning to Irkutsk, we have placed in hotel-style merchant's house in the heart of the city, and in the evening take a stroll through the pedestrian quarter, with a lot of wooden buildings recreated in the Russian style. Here you will visit a nice restaurant for dinner where we recall the highlights of this journey.

Transfer to the airport and departure from Irkutsk.