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We visit one of the most beautiful cities of Siberia - Irkutsk
Swept through the comet Baykal saw him the most beautiful places
Having been on an amazing island with excellent fishing Yarki
Relax in one of the most beautiful bays of Lake Baikal
Achieve beautiful mountain lake Frolikha
Relax on the authentic hot springs in the forest
Visit a spa with thermal baths with views of Lake Baikal
Enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Baikal
Visit the Buddhist Mecca Russia
Feast with Buryat cuisine in a yurt
ARRIVAL in Irkutsk, transfer to Severobaikalsk

Upon arrival at the airport of Irkutsk you will be greeted by our guide and the operator of your trip. Next we will go to Severobaikalsk by speed boat to see the path of the most beautiful natural attractions of the lake.

The cruise of the North

To begin a cruise on the lake north to visit the island Yarki - a unique natural object. This island is cut off from the northern Gulf of Dagary main area of a narrow strip of land of Lake Baikal, 18 km in length and a width of up to 100 meters, connecting the waters of only three channels. On Dagar is full of fish and birds. Wonderful location at the northernmost point of Lake Baikal.

HOLIDAY IN ONE OF the beautiful bay of Lake Baikal

Ayaya Bay is protected from all storms and its stunningly beautiful wildlife and sandy beach. It is worth to stay here for long. In addition there is a great room on the shore of Lake Baikal.

The hike to the mountain lake

Frohlich - mountain glacial lake is 8 kilometers from the coast of Lake Baikal. Located under strict protection and the retained its original beauty. Shells inflatable catamaran with engine we will go to his distant corner of that would see a small waterfall and explore the taiga frolihinskie islands.


On this day we will visit the town Khakusy that attracts travelers with its sandy beaches and authentic thermal baths in the forest, in the midst of relic spruce.

Thermal baths overlooking Lake Baikal

Resort "at Cape Kotelnikovsky" boasts the best of resort infrastructure including spas on Lake Baikal. Its beauty is that relaxing in a thermal bath, you can enjoy stunning views of the lake. Located near the mouth of the mountain river Kurkula, lies in a rocky gorge - is also an interesting place to visit.

OBSERVATION beautiful panorama

At the end of the cruise along the northern Baikal we have a picnic on a promontory with a stunning lake view. This place is also called "sacred place OBO", here was found parking ancient settlers of the lake, the remains of their household items and facilities. And in the village of Baikal, not far we will be able to visit the house of a local furrier, which makes an excellent skin that adorn the interiors of the hotel "Baikal Residence", the best on Baikal.

Journey in Buryatia

At the climax of our trip we will go on the same speed boat to the shores of Buryatia. After landing in the village of Ust-Barguzin we will go along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal to the capital of Buryatia - Ulan-Ude, the path of studying its natural and cultural attractions.


Ivilginski temple - the spiritual center of Russian Buddhism. Inspires incredible serene atmosphere of the place that will show us a local monk. If you try, you can see the incorruptible body of Hambo Lama Itigelov, deceased, deceased Nona 100 years ago. In the evening we dine in this Buryat yurt regaled cuisine.

Transfer to the airport and departure from Ulan-Ude.