excitement discoverer, the risk, the feeling of infinite freedom, unity with the wildlife

from 275 000 rubles
for the whole tour per person
when a group of 4 people

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We will see the old Circum-Baikal railway
Visit the picturesque Tunka valley in Buryatia
We were treated to a Buryat national cuisine
Overcome deaf taiga roads
We'll see, "alpine meadows" with the heart of Siberia
Let's see herds of yaks grazing
Drink cold water from the purest mountain rivers
We enjoy the splendor of the Valley of the Volcanoes
ARRIVAL in Irkutsk, visiting Listvyanka and Circum-Baikal

Upon arrival in Irkutsk airport you will meet our guide and the operator of your expedition. Further - Transfer to Listvyanka where we'll take a boat trip along the section of Circum-Baikal Railway, where he studied ancient stone tunnels. The whole day will be held in a measured mode, so you can recover after a trip and gather strength for expedition.


Start of the expedition of Listvyanka on extreme off-road. On this day we will reach the most western point of the lake, where the trail turns further - to the west, in Tunka valley, the territory of Buryatia. In addition to the stunning panoramas of Sayan, we will see many Buddhist and shamanistic shrines, as well as having treated the Buryat national cuisine. At the end of the day we get up camp in the valley of the river Sentsa to sleep and prepare for the next day of the expedition.


Swamps, ford mountain rivers, the total off-road trails taiga and the joy of overcoming obstacles. The route runs from Sentsa river valley to the place Hojto Gol, where we will be rewarded for persistence: at Hojto Gol -complete mineral springs and thermal baths, which will restore your strength for the next day's expedition.


On the morning of this day, we will continue the route on foot or on horseback. Now we will open the most stunning pictures with Sayan mountain glacial lakes, flower meadows and grazing herds of yaks. After lunch we will reach your destination - the majestic Valley of the Volcanoes. Here we are waiting for final forwarding overnight.

REST Shumak River Valley

In the morning we were loaded onto a helicopter and go in the direction of Lake Baikal - to the recreation center in the valley of the Shumak river. This valley is called the valley of the 100 sources. Mineral springs here are surfacing in numerous, the stunning beauty of this corner of nature. At the recreation center we can take thermal baths and how to relax after a difficult expedition throw. But our adventure does not end there ...

Rafting on the mountain river

In the morning we will go to the mountain valley of the Irkut River where we would expect equipped with floatable rafts or kayaks. Ahead - day rafting on the beautiful valley with few stormy, but quite safe areas. Shaver and thresholds overcome under the guidance of experienced instructors. In the twilight of the day let us camp on the banks of the Irkut.

Rafting on the mountain river, ACCOMMODATION IN IRKUTSK

We continue rafting down the Irkut and achieve a more peaceful area - in most alloy length just get pleasure from the beauty of the river valley. In the evening - dismounting and abide in Irkutsk. Impressions of the expedition to share a dinner in a good restaurant with an ethnic Buryat and Mongolian cuisine.

Transfer to the airport and departure from Irkutsk.