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In this example, the program

Listvyanka - the starting point of the expedition home
Circum-Baikal tunnels pass through the cliffs coastal cliffs
Visiting the Museum of Lake Baikal on the first day, you are polite some idea of ??what awaits you in the expedition
In addition to apartments, we offer our guests comfortable winter quarters prepared for receiving guests
Fascinating forms Baikal winter
Stunning beauty and purity of Baikal ice
Scope Baikal hospitality sends an unambiguous signal
The play of color and light in the caves of Baikal
When the ice is moving to comply with a series of regulations
The northernmost point of Olkhon - cape Khoboy in ice
On the way we will make stops in hundreds Attractions
For such a complex transition of the machine are set up in the first category
ARRIVAL in Irkutsk, visiting Listvyanka and Circum-Baikal

Upon arrival in Irkutsk airport you will meet the guide and the operator of the expedition. Further - Transfer to Listvyanka and accommodation at the hotel to relax after a tiring trip. On this day we will make a short trip on snowmobiles to the site of the old Circum-Baikal Railway, where a walk along the spectacular stone tunnels. Here you'll have a small barbecue and spend the rite of blessing of travelers to the difficult and dangerous road, to the Buryat shaman.


Start of the expedition of Listvyanka on extreme off-road vehicles and snowmobiles. On this day we will reach the most beautiful bay on Baikal - Sand, where we will stay the night in a well-heated houses, go up to the observation deck, and in the evening go down to the bathhouse. To get to this cove you can only by water or air, so there is really not crowded - here you already feel full separation from tsivillizatsii.

Reach the heart BAIKAL

The course of the Gulf of the Small Sea and Olkhon Island. On the way we stop at the monument to eternity - rock Sagan-Zaba, which shows the ancient petroglyphs of Lake Baikal settlers. In the afternoon we reach the Small Sea, the ice is often cleared of snow, because of what this part of the way will be one of the most memorable, thanks to the stunning beauty of the NOCs for hundreds of square kilometers. We have placed the hotel on the island, which offers a service of very good quality.

Enjoy the beauty of Lake Baikal HEART

It is worth to stay in this place for a day - that's why there are a number of reasons. Firstly, you can take a walk on the incredibly beautiful ice caves - caves right under the shore. Second, if desired, you can arrange a dive under the ice of Lake Baikal diving. It's just a feeling of space - be under the meter, incredibly clear ice, floating under the bottom of the SUV. There are also very interesting fun - you can spend a golf round, poborovshis for the victory among themselves or with the President of the Irkutsk Region Golf Federation, Mil'vit Y.N

BETWEEN Olkhon and north of Lake Baikal

Day will take place on a journey to the ice desert. Coming decent test - some of the ridges to be overcome with the help of special engineering devices. Do not just come in handy, and a shovel to help get the car out of a snowdrift. The day will be heavy. He finished in the bay Zavorotnaya. Infrastructure is not here, so accommodation is organized in overheated winter hut - the first truly Siberian parking.

The northernmost point EXPEDITION

This day will be remembered for the fact that almost Severobaykalsk we will stop for a few hours at the spa "Kotelnikovsky", where you can enjoy unlimited hot water thermal baths with views of Lake Baikal. The location is wonderful. And in the evening we get on Severobaikalsk, where to place the hotel "Baikal Residence" - a five-star hotel, the best on Baikal. Here we will have a great dinner of meat of wild animals.

ON THE ROAD in Buryatia

On this day, we go way back, but along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, breaking away for a solid day. In the evening we will be in the territory of the Barguzin nature reserve in the village Davsha where accommodation will be arranged in the house of the hospitable owners. Home food, hospitality of local residents who welcome guests - all this, if not new, then certainly many long-forgotten feeling of simplicity of home comfort.

ON THE ROAD in Buryatia

We will go in the direction of Ulan-Ude through Chivyrkuy waters of the bay, rich in fish; so for fans of ice fishing is possible in advance to organize such an event. A standard format of the expedition meant that for dinner we have placed at the "Baikal Riviera" in Gremyachinsk where we were again waiting for the high-level hotel services.

In the capital of Buryatia

Leaving Gremyachinsk after breakfast, for dinner we're in Ulan-Ude, where to place in a country hotel, in a pleasant natural place. This day we will visit the Buddhist Mecca Russia - impressive for its beauty and atmosphere of absolute serenity Ivilginski temple. Dine in ethnic Buryat restaurant in this yurt, were treated to national dishes. Optional - organize a cocktail in a country hotel in order to extend the enjoyment of the last hours of the journey.

Departure from Ulan-Ude Airport