the most pure and untouched natural sites

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for the whole tour per person
when a group of 4 people

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Example program business tour to the north of Lake Baikal

The most pure and untouched nature on Baikal - here in the north
Arrival Airport as part of such a program - in Irkutsk
Upon request, all movements within the framework of organizing a business class
Speed ??boat hotel "Baikal Residence"
In the absence of regular flights, the comfort to get to the north of Lake Baikal can be on a charter flight or on the water
Accommodation - in the best hotel on Lake Baikal
The interior of the hotel "Baikal Residence"
Terrace Hotel "Baikal Residence"
Nature of the northern Baikal
While traveling through the waters north of Baikal seals is likely to meet
On request, we will arrange for you to excellent fishing with seasoned fisherman Baikal
Relax in the thermal baths resorts north of Lake Baikal
Nature of the northern Baikal
On request - fishing in mountain rivers
Optional - helicopter excursion to the mountain lakes Baikal Mountains
The nature of the Baikal Mountains
One of the air transport options - helicopter Eurocopter 130
Dinner on the territory of Tamir House Hotel in Ulan-Ude
Feast with Buryat cuisine in a yurt
Hotel Accommodation in Severobaikalsk

Arrival in Irkutsk, charter flight hour and a half in g.Nizhneangarsk on the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. Accommodation in the best 5 * hotel on Lake Baikal - Baikal residence, rest after a tiring flight. When only guests rejuvenate their speed boat to Cape Ludar. This is - a great place for a first meeting with Baikal, it offers stunning views. In addition, there can be found the remains of ancient buildings Baikal settlers. For your barbecue will be organized here from the game and, if desired, a meeting with a shaman.

VISIT Taiga thermal springs

In the morning, participants will be able to a business meeting to discuss business issues in the pleasant atmosphere of the hotel - in the cozy lounge or - gazebo on the shore of Lake Baikal. After lunch we will go on a fast boat to the beautiful sandy beach village Khakusy, where we get to the edge of the Siberian taiga, where the thermal spa facilities Khakusy - everything here is authentic and simply Siberian. And the atmosphere - a special. For dinner we will return to the residence of the Baikal

Thermal baths with sweeping views of Lake Baikal

As before - the time before dinner reserved for business meetings, and after dinner we will go on a fast boat to the point - Cape Kotelnikovsky where is the best thermal spa in Lake Baikal. The peculiarity of this place is that enjoying the reception thermal baths you can observe a panorama of open Baikal, and the reception of the local bath - is not limited. Here we will stay until the next morning.


The first half of the day can be consumed as swimming in the pool and out to get to the beautiful mountain river Kurkula where you can go fishing for grayling. On request can be organized in a helicopter excursion to the Baikal Mountains - to the lake guitar - is one of the most beautiful places on Baikal. In the afternoon - departure by helicopter to Ulan-Ude and visit Buddhist Mecca Russia - Ivolga datsan. For the rest, we will stop in a beautiful countryside location - Tamir House, where dinner will taste the traditional dishes of the Buryat cuisine.

Transfer to the airport and departure from Ulan-Ude.